Before you start assuming that I am a morning person, I used to wake up around 9–10 AM regularly and worked until 3 AM during university. Getting up early has never been innate to me, it is a skill that I practice with a strong sense of duty. I owe it to myself to get out of bed early, and so should you.

How did I get started? With a clever use of my Mirror Neurons. …

From Entrepreneurship to Covid-19

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I feel that entrepreneurship is like surfing. I see a wave coming at the horizon and I want to ride it. The wave grows bigger and bigger and then suddenly, I realize it’s much bigger than I thought and that I’m really not ready for it. I’m not ready for that wave.

Today I see so many businesses going down the primrose path and headed to disaster as well as well-founded industries crashing and burning. Perhaps Covid was the catalyst in this destruction or the tide that submerged all the surfers. Where they all prepared?

I studied management and entrepreneurship…

I really shouldn’t have quit in the first place

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It’s one of the toughest things I’ve dwelled on this year. I think we all agree that 2020 brought its fair share of change to everyone and I did not realize that one side-effect of that would be for me to stop writing.

I took up writing towards the end of 2019. Spurred by a strong personal development wave, I realized that the more I worked on myself, the more I wanted to share the tips I acquired with others. I figured that whatever benefitted me could benefit someone else — and that’s how I started the writing journey.


During hard times, control wins.

Airplane manual on how to use oxygen masks.
Airplane manual on how to use oxygen masks.
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We were all submerged with the same terrible news of the past few months. People getting sick and dying, others (maybe even us) losing their employment, children scared and not understanding why school is closed. It can all feel too overwhelming.

When we lose complete control and we delve into the darker panicky side of our mind, our brain tends to shut down. The easier way to avoid this situation is to close your eyes and forget about it. But that is not healthy either. Instead of dealing with the issue at stake, we delay it until further notice without…

We never see it coming… until we do

The economical definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of gross domestic product (GDP) decline. Unfortunately, quarterly reports are a trailing indicator, meaning they do not predict the advent of a recession but rather confirm it happened after the facts.

Because a recession can only be confirmed after it takes effect, we tend to be caught off guard. This often leads to panic, mass selling on the market, large job losses and further economic declines. Declaring a recession becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The vicious circle that it creates will damage peoples’ savings and health levels tremendously. …

It looks good… on paper

FTSE 100 crashing
FTSE 100 crashing
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One thing that this Covid-19 crisis has done, is make us all irrational, panic-prone, and reactive. Instead of following our life guidelines or Principles as Ray Dalio would say, most of us have thrown out our book of commonly accepted practices and replaced it with a day-to-day struggle to figure out which way the market was going to go over the next 7-hour session.

Both bulls and bears have lost this battle, as the markets tanked early in March, euphoria amongst the bears was only equaled by the anger of the bull. Eventually, it all reversed in April for the…

Defuse the ticking timebomb before it’s too late

Store closed during Covid-19
Store closed during Covid-19

6 months. This whole ordeal started 6 months ago in early December. Most of the world only got the taste of it two months later, but in terms of economic impact, we may have well lost an entire half year.

If someone had told you back in November 2019 that we should shut the whole world for 6 months how would have you reacted? You would’ve thought it was nonsense. Full disclaimer, it still is.

The unemployment health crisis

In this case, the cure appears to be worse than the virus. For each 1% spike in unemployment, it is estimated the US will see…

Resistance is futile, compliance is required

Camera tag with quote saying: “For your safety and our curiosity”
Camera tag with quote saying: “For your safety and our curiosity”
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It appears there has been a surge of conspiracy theories and theorists propagating their nonsense disinformation all over the internet. Fortunately, our World Government has taken swift action and has actively been trying to silence all dissenting opinions diverging from the narrative — for our own good.

Not believing our World Government is a severe offense that will result in de-platforming, internment, imprisonment and ultimately… the capital punishment.

Because of our rapid modern communication channels and global education levels rising, it has become increasingly difficult for World Government to “correct” our misinformed selves. This may in turn get our fellow…

How to take control of your life and what happens to you

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If I told you to get in your car, start driving and suddenly, close your eyes and take your hands of the wheel. What would happen?

You would inevitably crash, why? Because you were not in control anymore — you let it go.

If that example is obvious to you, let’s try something different…

If I told you to come work for me, on my own conditions, for the amount of time I see fit, and that I could let you go at any time, how in control would you think you are?

Is that really the dream that we…

Cover your basics, expand while others contract

Man sells his car in New York during the Great Depression
Man sells his car in New York during the Great Depression
Man sells his car in New York during the Great Depression

As every day passes by, it is becoming clearer and clearer that we are headed for a recession. What started late December as a small localized epidemic now has most of the world under lockdown. Intercontinental flights are coming to an abrupt stop and we are all being asked or ordered to stay home.

Thankfully for those in the service industry, teleworking tools are now completely mature and it’s possible to still be productive from home. Unfortunately, it’s not the case for many others. …

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